Andrea on the Vitale bed #2.
Lo-res 35mm film scan.

Lo-res 120 film scan.

hello, stranger.

i'm sara. probably the biggest dreamer you'll ever meet. i admire people who are capable to put theirs into words. poets, writers, musicians, bloggers or anyone who writes in their journal, diary, a moleskine they never go anywhere without or with that old typewritter found somewhere in an attic, a precious treasure from past generations. i wish i could do it too. but i can't. yet. or maybe i really just wasn't born with that gift.

so... i photograph.

photography is my passion, what moves me, what makes me feel alive. it's my way of expressing my feelings, my dreams, the way i see the world, me. you may not get to know any of these things by looking at them, but they, they sure do.

i'm also a libra, so on top of being an 'artist' already, it makes me even more driven towards beauty and aesthetic. beauty and aesthetic, to me are anything that pleases my senses, be it visually, intellectually, spiritually, musically, sexually, humorously, and so on.

& that's pretty much what this tumblr is based of.

i will post anything that pleases my taste, be it, momentarily or for eternity.

i post a lot of photos, mainly of women, nude or not, famous or unknown. as a photographer, your biggest inspiration comes from the work of others. that's why i post so many pictures, i love admiring other people's work. and my favourite subject is, mos def, people. i enjoy capturing a woman and her body far more than i do men, the same goes for when i am not the one who captured it. i think of a woman's body as a work of art, everything about it, so delicate yet so toughened, the curves, the lines, the texture, it can truly produce the most beautiful imageries. i like pictures of men too, and i post a lot of them as well. men i find beautiful, men i admire, that amuse me... lately what i post more besides photos of women are male models, actors, musicians, or any other male that i find captivating in one way or another...

you'll probably see a lot of fashion too, shoes, clothes, jewelry, outfits, lingerie, looks, purses and whatever fits.

still as a photographer, another thing i admire and enjoy is cinematography, so movie stills are also a big part of what i post. well, sometimes it's not really because of the cinematography in it, but simply because i find something about it amusing.

quotes are a pretty good share of my posts' content as well.

last but not least, if you can't handle or aren't old enough to see nudity or any kind of sexual content, don't even bother following me so that you won't have to unfollow me later. those things will be a constant here, maybe not everyday, but they will pop up anytime.

i don't claim any content as my own, unless i state so in that particularly post, link it to my flickr or to anything related to me. i always give credit when i know who to give it to. i reblog and i post 'solo'. and oh boy, do i post a lot.

oh, and messages make me smile,
so don't be shy. be daring !

i dare you to.